ProfitSense with Bill McDermott, Episode 2: Melanie Millner, The Design Atelier, and Kasey Gartner, Northwestern Mutual

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On episode 2 of “ProfitSense with Bill McDermott,” Melanie Millner, founding principal and owner of  The Design Atelier discusses the value of a professional interior designer with unique vision. Wealth management advisor Kasey Gartner of Northwestern Mutual brings her expertise in financial planning, and much more with host Bill McDermott. “ProfitSense with Bill McDermott” is broadcast from the North Fulton Studio of Business RadioX® inside Renasant Bank in Alpharetta.

Melanie Millner, The Design Atelier


Melanie Millner

Award-winning interior designer Melanie Millner is founding principal and owner of  The Design Atelier.  Her team at the luxury interior design firm is committed to delivering exceptional spaces.

They value architecture and the details that make each project unique. With a vision for spaces and lifestyles, they strive to exceed client expectations.


For more information visit The Design Atelier website. You can reach Melanie by email or phone, 404-365-8662. Also connect with Melanie on LinkedIn.



Kasey Gartner, Northwestern Mutual


Kasey Gartner

As a wealth management advisor at Northwestern Mutual, Kasey Gartner understands that people often don’t take the time they should to properly plan for their financial futures.

Life can be hectic – careers, family, friends and hobbies often leave little time to address some of life’s most important needs – like creating a solid financial plan.

Kasey makes it her goal to help busy professionals craft a plan that most effectively and efficiently allows them to reach their financial goals, while protecting what’s most important to them.

Helping clients address these critical areas and experience life knowing a financial plan is in place, continues to be the most rewarding aspect of Kasey’s career.

Her expertise includes business continuation planning, life insurance planning, investment strategies, disability income planning, education funding, executive business planning and more.

For more information visit Kasey Gartner’s website. You can reach Kasey by email or phone, 404-841-5013. Also connect with Kasey on LinkedIn and Facebook.



About Your Host, Bill McDermott


Bill McDermott

Bill McDermott is Founder and CEO of McDermott Financial Solutions.

After over three decades working for both national and community banks, Bill uses his expert knowledge to assist closely held companies with improving profitability, growing their business and finding financing.

Bill is passionate about educating business owners about pertinent topics in the banking and finance arena.

He currently serves as Treasurer for the Atlanta Executive Forum and has held previous positions as board member for the Kennesaw State University Entrepreneurship Center and Gwinnett Habitat for Humanity and Treasurer for CEO NetWeavers.

Bill is a graduate of Wake Forest University and he and his wife, Martha have called Atlanta home for over 40 years. Outside of work, Bill enjoys golf, traveling and gardening.

Connect with Bill on LinkedIn and Twitter and follow McDermott Financial Solutions on LinkedIn.


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