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ProfitSense with Bill McDermott, Episode 3: Ken Madren, PermaTherm Inc.

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ProfitSense with Bill McDermott, Episode 3: Ken Madren, PermaTherm Inc.

On this edition of “ProfitSense with Bill McDermott,” Ken Madren, CEO of PermaTherm, discusses the importance of managing by the numbers, maintaining a strong company culture, and much more. “ProfitSense with Bill McDermott” is broadcast from the North Fulton Studio of Business RadioX® in Alpharetta.

Ken Madren, PermaTherm Inc.

Ken Madren

Ken Madren is CEO of PermaTherm. Founded in 1988, PermaTherm is primarily a manufacturer of insulated metal panel products utilized in tightly controlled environments. The company manufactures other foam insulation products and materials for the packaging industry, and the general insulation markets. Clients are served in food production, cold storage, grow rooms, agricultural storage and commercial applications.

Before joining PermaTherm in 2005, Ken spent 13 years with mergers and acquisitions firm Forsch Partners, where he served as managing partner. He is also past President of Sandy Springs Youth Sports. The nonprofit directs a multi-sport youth recreation complex in partnership with the City of Sandy Springs.

For more information visit PermaTherm’s website. You can reach Ken by email or phone, 770-843-5363. Also connect with Ken on LinkedIn.

About Your Host, Bill McDermott

ProfitSense with Bill McDermott
Bill McDermott

Bill McDermott is Founder and CEO of McDermott Financial Solutions. After over three decades working for both national and community banks, Bill uses his expert knowledge to assist closely held companies with improving profitability, growing their business and finding financing. Bill is passionate about educating business owners about pertinent topics in the banking and finance arena.

He currently serves as Treasurer for the Atlanta Executive Forum and has held previous positions as board member for the Kennesaw State University Entrepreneurship Center and Gwinnett Habitat for Humanity and Treasurer for CEO NetWeavers. Bill is a graduate of Wake Forest University and he and his wife, Martha have called Atlanta home for over 40 years. Outside of work, Bill enjoys golf, traveling and gardening.

Connect with Bill on LinkedIn and Twitter and follow McDermott Financial Solutions on LinkedIn. The complete show archive for ProfitSense with Bill McDermott” can be found at profitsenseradio.com.


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