ProfitSense Episode 53: Andrew Sullivan, Sullivan and Schlieman Wealth Management, Ken Madren, PermaTherm Inc., and Jim Pursley, Factory Automation Systems

On this episode of ProfitSense, we welcomed three accomplished company leaders to delve into various aspects of successful businesses, financial management, and future planning.

Andrew Sullivan, Sullivan and Schlieman Wealth Management, discussed year-end financial planning and common issues that prevent people from achieving financial success in retirement.

Ken Madren of PermaTherm shared the impact of communication on business growth and emphasized the importance of maintaining a “hand on the rudder” for navigating through challenges and distractions.

Jim Pursley, Factory Automation Systems, discussed the state of the manufacturing business in the current economic climate, the importance of safety in automation, and shared insights he’s gathered as a CEO.

Bill wrapped up the show by offering three quick tips on perfecting your 2024 projections.

ProfitSense with Bill McDermott is produced and broadcast by the North Fulton Studio of Business RadioX® in Alpharetta.

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