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ProfitSense Episode 49: Dan Mahony, Transcendent Sales Solutions; Keith Costley, Keck & Wood, Inc.; & Samantha McElhaney, Pinnacle Financial Partners

Dan Mahony, Transcendent Sales Solutions, Keith Costley, Keck & Wood, and Samantha McElhaney of Pinnacle Financial Partners joined host Bill McDermott for a roundtable discussion about what it takes to have a good mindset for sales. Each of them shared their career journey and their experience in sales. Bill led them through a conversation about the critical elements of mindset that contribute to effective sales, such as intentionality, collaboration, transparency, and honesty. They also discussed the skills that are important such as listening, curiosity, building trust over time, doing your research and more. Each guest concluded with their key advice based on their years of experience.

Bill wrapped up the episode with his thoughts on thinking like a buyer.

ProfitSense with Bill McDermott is produced and broadcast by the North Fulton Studio of Business RadioX® in Alpharetta.

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