Teaching Financials to Drive Performance: Part 2 The Profit and Loss Statement

In our last post, we discussed that of the 4 critical items, (Profitability, Asset Quality, Liquidity and Leverage) 3 of them are from the Balance Sheet. The 4th, Profitability is on the Profit and Loss Statement, sometimes called the P&L or the Income Statement.

5 Steps to Prepare for Selling Your Business

You’re busy running your business and all of a sudden you get a phone call from a potential suitor that is interested in buying your business. You’re flattered, intrigued, you might even consider selling.  But what’s the value of your business? How do you structure the sale? What’s going to be your tax liability? What’s…

Why Your Balance Sheet is More Important than Your P&L

Many business owners look at their profit and loss statement and determine if they’re profitable or not.  How is revenue tracking against last month or last year?  Any changes in gross or net profit margin?  If I’m making money then everything must be ok.  There is some validity to that way of thinking.

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